Man found dead after Point Reyes search

January 2, 2013 12:18:55 AM PST
A New Year's Day tragedy happened during a walk on the beach in Marin County. The U.S. Coast Guard rushed to help a couple and their dog who were swept into the water by a big wave at Point Reyes. Sadly, one person did not survive.

The waves are high and the water temperature is frigid. A couple was admiring the beach and high surf when a sneaker wave pulled the wife out to shore and the husband went out to rescue her. He helped bring her into shore. Then the dog went in to greet the woman and then the dog was swept out to sea. The man went after the dog and a witness told us what happened next.

"When we arrived the waves were much, much higher and much stronger, and in sequence much quicker. And very, very powerful," said Troella Tyznik, a witness.

Later, after a daylong search, rescuers finally did find the remains of the man and they brought him into shore. Authorities have not yet released the man's name. The woman is fine and the dog survived as well.