Armed officers guard schools in small NJ town

January 2, 2013 1:35:52 PM PST
Students who went back to school Wednesday in one New Jersey school district had somebody new welcoming them -- guards with guns.

The mayor of Marlboro Township put armed police officers in every school. He says his decision is a direct response to the Sandy Hook school massacre, "Right now based on advice of my police department, it is safer to have our trained police officers in the schools than not," Mayor Jonathan Hornik said.

But not everyone is pleased. One resident said, "That's not the message we want to give out kids. You know, that the only way they're safe if people with guns and arms follow them around."

The armed officers will be patrolling the schools while the New Jersey School District figures out a permanent security plan.

Mayor Hornik says he came up with the idea before the National Rifle Association suggested it.