Documents reveal Monte Sereno victim's colorful past

January 2, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Raveesh Ravi Kumra was killed in his Monte Sereno home at the end of November. Court documents reveal that he had a colorful past.

Javier Garcia, 21, appeared in court on Wednesday. He is one of three men accused of six felony counts, including the murder of the wealthy Monte Sereno businessman. He has prior drug convictions but the newest charges could prove to be part of a death penalty case. He is being held without bail.

Police and prosecutors are still not revealing exactly how Kumra was killed on Nov. 30.

"As far as more specifics related to that, agina, it's filed under seal, I can't share it until at which time the court lifts that seal," Deputy District Attorney Amir Alem said.

The criminal complaint against Garcia and two others alleges the trio not only killed Kumra, but also threatened to kill his wife Harinder and assaulted her with a deadly weapon other than a firearm, a metal object.

The three men are also accused of false imprisonment and taking personal property, cash, collectable coins and jewelry from Kumra's sprawling estate.

Three people who identified themselves Wednesday as Garcia's siblings told ABC7 News their brother does not know the other people accused of the same crimes.

"He doesn't know any of them; he doesn't know Raven," one said.

Raven Dixon is the fourth person arrested in connection with the bizarre crime. Police say she is a prostitute who had a relationship with Kumra. Dixon is now facing charges of being an accessory to murder after the fact.

Tens of thousands of pages of court documents on file at the Sunnyvale courthouse paint a disturbing picture of Kumra's personal and business life. One 2007 declaration accuses the former Mountain Winery owner of engaging in a fantasy world with prostitutes, of filing a sham divorce to hide tens of millions of dollars in business assets and of being involved in developing high risk business ventures, including online pharmaceuticals, pornography and gambling.

At least one of Kumra's neighbors said he had heard about Kumra's involvement with prostitutes.

"Sometimes with special friends comes company and therefore that could lead to problems and eventually that kind of came out, and obviously there are up to four people there," neighbor Steve Mortara said.

Garcia will be back in court on Friday with at least one of his co-defendants.