String of problems occurr with Boeing 787 dreamliners

SAN JOSE, Calif.

That's when All Nippon Airlines, or ANA, will launch its non-stop service from San Jose to Tokyo. On Wednesday, ANA became the latest airline to have trouble with the quieter, more fuel efficient 787 dreamliner.

Here is the string of problems for Boeing's new 787 dreamliner: an All Nippon flight was canceled Wednesday in Japan because of an error message that incorrectly indicated a brake problem. Tuesday, a Japan Airlines dreamliner splashed 40 gallons of jet fuel off its wing onto a Logan International runway in Boston just before takeoff. Another pilot spotted the leak. And on Monday again in Boston, a different Japan Airlines dreamliner experienced a battery fire.

Boeing is defending the plane saying it has extreme confidence in the dreamliner. Former pilot and flight safety consultant Capt. Richard Deeds also has confidence in the plane.

"We certainly can't blame the airplane for a battery. You're going to say, 'Hey, who manufactured that battery?'" said Deeds.

And he's seen fuel leaks off the wing before. He doesn't have the data from this week's incident, but says it can happen when the plane is over fueled for a long flight and a pilot makes a sharp turn on the runway.

"I see nothing in the three events we're talking about that are in common or you would say is really a serious event and that's what's important," said Deeds.

Deeds said with new planes, it just takes time to work out the bugs.

"I would have no problem getting on that airplane, flying it or riding anywhere on it," said Deeds.

ABC7 News spoke with All Nippon Airways and they say that after the power box problem in Boston, they had all 17 of their dreamliners inspected and found nothing wrong. They also said the plane in Japan that had the false error message, has had its computer system replaced.

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