Police in Oakland searching for escaped inmate


January 11, 2013 5:34:08 PM PST
Police in Oakland are still searching for a prisoner who escaped Friday while being transported to Highland Hospital on East 31st Street just south of Interstate 580. Police say the man they're looking for has a lengthy criminal history, knows Oakland well, and may have had help escaping from police after he made his run. They also describe him as "extremely dangerous."

The suspect is 31-year old Anthony Hoskins. He was an inmate at Santa Rita Jail in custody on multiple robbery charges, until Friday. He escaped from Alameda County sheriff's deputies transporting him from the jail to the hospital just before 10 a.m. and remains on the run. Police say Hoskins most likely planned his escape and acted quickly when he saw a chance.

"We believe he manipulated the waist and leg restraints that he was put in so when he got here and the door was open, he was able to take off running," Sgt. J.D. Nelson said. Police officers and sheriff's deputies stormed rooftops and weaved through yards using K-9 units to follow Hoskins' scent. "The deputy was able to chase him to this point, lost track of him, and then we were able to find his clothes," Nelson said.

Officials say Hoskins is extremely dangerous and very familiar with Oakland. They are also considering the possibility that he may have had help after he ran. His jailhouse uniform was found not far from the hospital, suggesting he had clothes on the ready. "This could absolutely have been prearranged or he could have somebody that he knows in the neighborhood," Nelson said.

Hoskins has a lengthy criminal record that includes kidnapping. He was last seen in the neighborhood just south of Highland Hospital. "Anybody that escapes from our custody, no matter what the charges are, I consider that dangerous," Nelson said.

Authorities say Hoskins never made it into the hospital, but made his escape from the loading dock. An internal investigation will check to see if the locks were placed on him correctly.