Dead man found inside trunk of his own car


A new twist developed in the case Tuesday morning when it was revealed that the man was found in the trunk of his own car. Detectives believe someone left the vehicle on Petaluma Hill Road on Saturday. Deputies found it Monday night and inside, they found the body of a man later identified as 31-year-old Sean Francis Parker.

Police also discovered some blood in the driver's seat which they believe came from the Parker's girlfriend during an incident last Friday night. "A domestic violence incident occurred in Santa Rosa on Friday night involving our deceased and his girlfriend," said Lt. Dennis O'Leary with the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department. "We don't know at this time if that incident is related to what occurred here, if there was some other factors involved in this case."

Parker was the suspect in that incident and investigators confirm his girlfriend was the victim. Police say the couple had a history of domestic violence, but they also say they spoke to the female, cleared her, and that she is not a suspect in her Parker's murder.

Investigators say Parker had addresses listed in both Santa Rosa and Vallejo. Police have not yet said how Parker was killed. The investigation into his death continues.

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