Bay Fair BART station now open; Police continue investigation into fatal shooting


The station was shut down shortly after the shooting, which happened around 12:21 p.m. It reopened a little after 6 p.m.

Quick thinking by a local cab driver may have helped BART police quickly take a man into custody for the shootings. What we know now is a 40-year-old man is dead and a woman is hospitalized.

A man who did not want to be identified told ABC7 News he was standing nearby when gunshots rang out. He described the fear he felt when the shooting happened near him, "I tried to run myself. I thought somebody was mad and had a machine gun or something because I heard tak, tak, tak tak. I tried to run myself and hide because everybody was running."

When the shooting stopped, BART Deputy Chief Janeith Glenn-Davis says officers stationed nearby discovered two victims, "The victim that is DOA is a male, black, approximately 40-years-old," she said.

Officials say the other victim is a female who was hospitalized with a superficial gunshot wound.

BART police say they have one man in custody. A nearby cab driver told us he followed three men after hearing the shots. He was suspicious because they were the only ones walking away from the scene while others ran away in panic. He also did not want to appear on camera.

"I jumped in my car and go around the street tried to see where these guys go because I noticed they finally shoot it," said the cab driver. He then called a fellow cabbie who told police. Then he saw sheriff's deputies question one man, "Sheriff and BART police, they show up at the street, and finally I think they got 'em," said the cab driver.

One of those men is apparently in custody.

The Bay Fair BART station was closed with trains bypassing the station while evidence was gathered. A bus bridge was supplied by AC Transit to get people to nearby BART stations.

Deputy Chief Glenn-Davis says they recovered bullet rounds but are not revealing the caliber.

BART investigators are now reviewing BART and AC Transit surveillance video to see if anyone else was involved in these shootings. They say there are three other men they want to talk to about the shootings.

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