Marin holds another gun buyback, even without cash

Last week, with the Mill Valley with no money promised people turned in 29 weapons.

Sausalito resident Leon Hunting wanted absolutely nothing to do with the gun he gave up.

"I think we have enough violence; we need to take responsibility and take guns off the street," he said.

Last Tuesday's offering of $43,000 in incentive money ran out in 90 minutes. From there they turned to vouchers. The county owes a total of $67,000 for turned-in guns. They're taking private donations.

"From the general public, the largest check is $1,000, the smallest is $1," Marin County District Attorney Ed Berberian said.

Another person gave $26, one for every life lost at Sandy Hook.

The weapons collected on Monday ranged from an AR-15 semi-automatic, to a BB gun and a .22 caliber rifle that Peter Rice had kept in his attic for two decades and now doesn't want around.

"Kids can find them, we have grandchildren, they know where to look," Rice said.

As was the case last week, Marin County took the weapons, no questions asked. The district attorney says all of the weapons it collected will be destroyed.

It hopes to make good on those vouchers within 30 days.

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