Video captures attempted kidnapping of 13-year-old

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The incident happened Friday morning as the girl was walking to school. It was dark outside, but a neighbor's night vision cameras captured it.

When Frank Tavares found out a young girl was almost kidnapped on his street, he decided to check out his home surveillance system.

"She'll come in. There she is. She goes and she doesn't make it past that tree. Then if you look right here you might see him dart off. Then she gets up. She's like grabbing something from her side and running off. Either the car startled them. My neighbor saw it too," said Tavares.

"And I heard this really loud screaming. I opened the door. I saw a little girl across the street running to the right side, and this guy, tall, skinny, dressed in black, he was really tall, he was running to the opposite side," said neighbor Anna Alves.

It all confirms a 13-year-old girl's report that a man tried to abduct her as she walked to school on St. James near 33rd Street, Friday morning at exactly 6:09 a.m.

"She has a friend down the street. Maybe about five houses at the most and they meet up there and then they go to school," said Tavares.

The girl helped police put together a sketch of the suspect described to be a 25 to 35-year-old Latino male. He's about 5'10" with a thin to medium build, black hair, brown eyes and a mustache. He was also wearing a dark blue hooded sweatshirt with blue "Dickies" pants and brown shoes with white paint on them.

San Jose police said they had not seen the video yet, but they had planned on contacting the Tavares soon.

If you have any information on this suspect, you're encouraged to call the San Jose Police Department.

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