Chandra Levy's parents talk about secret meetings


"We got a phone call and then the next day it was in the newspaper here," said Robert Levy, Chandra's father.

Federal prosecutors told Robert and Susan Levy about the secret hearings, but wouldn't say what they were about. The Levy's understanding is that the hearings have to do with a witness not telling the truth about the murder of their daughter Chandra. Chandra had worked as an intern in Washington D.C. Her body was found in a D.C.-area park in 2002. Ingmar Guandique was convicted of the crime, but now there appears to be new information.

"They haven't really said because it's all secret, about whether they have to have another trial or another suspect or whatever, we don't know. They can't tell us because it's secret," said Robert.

"The attorneys cannot even go in along with the people who are reporters or news people so it's totally sealed and that's what we know," said Susan, Chandra's mother.

According to USA Today, the problem is serious enough that Guandique's appeal has been put on hold until the new development is dealt with. The Levys are concerned Guandique could somehow go free, but ultimately they just want justice.

"He's a convicted rapist and an illegal alien. He' not legal at all, he's not working or anything. He's just a criminal so he shouldn't go free. But if he's innocent of murder then he shouldn't be in jail for it," said Robert.

"No matter what goes on, our daughter is dead. It doesn't really matter except that they get the right person," said Susan.

And for now that person remains Guandique.

They Levys say they've always known Guandique would appeal at some point, they just didn't know when. His next court appearance is set for early next month.

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