Underage Marin County DUI arrests doubled in 2012


In 2011, Marin area CHP officers arrested 10 people 18 years old or younger for driving under the influence. That number ballooned to 20 in 2012, according to the CHP.

However, officers made 10 fewer DUI arrests for underage drinkers between the ages of 19 and 20, the CHP said.

In 2011, officers in Marin arrested 50 people between 19 and 20 years old for driving under the influence. This past year, officers arrested 40 people between 19 and 20 on the same offence, the CHP said.

The arrests were primarily made on freeways and unincorporated county roadways within the CHP jurisdiction.

More information about the Marin CHP can be found on its Twitter page at www.twitter.com/CHPMarin.

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