Milos Raonic talks to ABC7 about his tennis career

SAN JOSE, Calif.

It will be a bittersweet ending to the SAP Open after over 100 years here in the Bay Area. Raonic claims this event will always be special in his heart.

"Yeah, it is. Especially having my first title here it's pretty amazing and really playing as well as I have here and sort of starting my year off right," said Raonic.

Raonic would love to be the final champion in this event, a three-peat, but he doesn't play his first match until Thursday. That's tough duty to sit around and watch.

"The one thing that's difficult is the person that I will play will have already played a match, so I'll be digging in trying to get my teeth into the tournament," said Raonic.

His serve, one of the biggest in tennis, will help him make that adjustment. He likes his game coming into this tournament.

"The goal is about getting better and I feel like I'm doing so," said Raonic.

He loves the Bay Area crowds and being from Canada he's also a fan of hockey donning a Sharks jersey in his last two victories. So what's his favorite NHL team?

"Toronto Maple Leafs. It's hard not to cheer for the home team," said Raonic.

As a 6'5" 200-pound Canadian, how did Raonic choose tennis over hockey?

"I've actually never been on ice. That's rare for a Canadian to say. So I've never skated on ice or anything. I used to play street hockey, but I don't know, tennis just hooked on for me. Even as a Canadian, I'm more so a basketball fan rather than a hockey fan," said Raonic.

You are one confused Canadian.

"Yeah, I've heard that many times," said Raonic.

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