"Hummer Mom" back in jail for parole violation


Parole agents arrested Christine Hubbs, 44, Friday night after finding porn in her home, and I've learned she is the subject of a new cyber-bullying investigation -- the target is one of her victims.

Hubbs started off last week following the rules. She checked in with her parole agent, who took a recent picture. She had just been released from state prison after serving two years, nine months for unlawful sex with her daughter's friends -- two 14-year-old boys -- in hotels, a guest room at the family house, and in the back of her hummer with the "HUMDNGA" license plate. But parole administrator John Bent tells me a surprise check at her new Hayward home turned up pornography.

"Friday night she was searched by a number of agents from the East Bay Parole District and found to be in violation of some of her conditions and was taken into custody," said Bent.

Bent explains Hubbs had many conditions of parole. The general ones, such as keeping her parole agent informed of her current address, getting permission to travel more than 50 miles from her residence, not to own or even be around guns and special conditions of parole -- no contact with her two victims, she's not even allowed in the city of Livermore, and may not possess pornography. The porn may not be her only parole violation.

"I can tell you that one condition was possession of pornography and there's a couple other conditions we're still investigating right now," said Bent.

So, Hubbs is waiting for a hearing that could give her a maximum of 90 more days in custody. She's back at Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, the same place I first met her two years ago where she seemed to downplay her crimes of sex with underage boys.

"They're good kids, they're going to be fine, they're going to go on and be successful. It doesn't have to be this... I mean it... nobody was ever pushed into, I never pushed them into anything," Hubbs told us back in April 2011.

Noyes: "Are you really accepting full responsibility as being the one who called the shots?"
Hubbs: "Yeah, but I do feel that I was pushed, too, from the boy."
Noyes: "By a 14 year old boy."
Hubbs: "I shouldn't have let that happen, but I was."

Livermore police now tell me they are investigating whether Hubbs was behind a case of cyber-bullying on Facebook and Twitter, involving criminal threats against one of her victims, made just hours after her arrest.

Noyes: "Who did the threats come from?"
Livermore Police Det. Steve Goard: "As far as we know, some of the kids, some of the family members and some of the family members' friends. Christine Hubbs' children."

The mother of victim No. 1 -- the target of the cyber-bullying -- sent me an email over the weekend saying, "Her family continues to harass and blame my son for Christine's actions including her recent arrest, they are a joke."

Goard: "This boy, he is scared, he's nervous."
Noyes: "Is he?"
Goard: "Yeah, he's afraid. He doesn't know what's real and what's not and, 'Are people talking or do I really need to be worried about myself?'"

Hubbs' husband apparently continues to stand behind her and they are still married. Tim Hubbs did not return my calls for comment on Tuesday. He also faces a lawsuit filed by victim No. 2, so this controversy continues to drag on.

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