Chris Young talks about joining the A's


"It was a new experience for me. Being in Arizona for over six years, it was fun and now it's time for a change and I'm excited about the opportunity," said Young.

Shumann: "It's kind of a tough adjustment to fit in, right?"
Young: "Even more so I think when you're switching leagues at the same time. A new kid in school, that's kind of what I felt like."
Shumann: "What's your impression of this team?"
Young: "It's a young ball club that's full of energy and full of talent at the same time. It seems like in the clubhouse, they're a pretty loose group, like they have a good time, but at the same time I guess from watching them from the outside last year, when they step on the field, they're ready to go."

It will be a challenge for Bob Melvin to find playing time for all these players as this may be the most deep and talented outfield in the American League.

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