Antioch police ask for help ID'ing body found 25 years ago


In late April 1988, a citizen called police to report finding a decomposing body in a gully just south of Buchanan Road near Somersville Road, police said.

Detectives discovered a corpse that appeared to have been at the scene for several weeks. An investigation determined that the body was that of a black woman around 40 years old who was about 5 feet 4 inches tall and of unknown weight, according to police.

The woman had been wearing a light pink, knit long-sleeve sweater with thin, horizontal blue stripes and a cloth collar, blue Levi's jeans over gray sweatpants, brown socks and light-blue Nike tennis shoes with a white Nike symbol. She also had on a gold watch with a maroon face and a thin gold necklace with a gold pendant in the shape of the letter "F."

Investigators also found keys in the area, including Ford car keys, other miscellaneous keys, an oversized diaper pin and a blue key chain with the letter "F."

Detectives at the time did not find any indication of foul play, but efforts to identify the body have continued ever since.

Police have released photos of a clay sculpture likeness of the woman, referred to as "Jane Doe," as well as recreations of her clothing and jewelry, in an effort to help the public identify her.

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