New app could change the way you drive


The app keeps track of your driving, your car's performance and even where you parked. It can actually change the way you relate to your car.

It is is made by a company called Automatic. Once the accompanying link is inserted into your car, it tells you it's working by sounding a couple of beeps and flashing a green light.

"Right now it's reading information such as your velocity, some fuel efficiency data, and it is streaming from the car over bluetooth to your phone," said the app's co-developer, Jerry Jariyasunant.

The Driving Assistant keeps track of your driving, too. After hitting the brakes too hard, on purpose, the link will start beeping.

"Yeah, that was a break that I took a little too hard. I should have eased into that light and it's just a little gentle reminder that 'hey, you know, watch where you're going, take an easier break next time,'" said Jariyasunant.

It beeps if you accelerate to fast, too.

Once you park, the app remembers where your car is located. It also shows you the exact route you drive and how much it cost you to drive it.

"For example, this trip I took was from San Jose to San Francisco and I know that trip took $5.16. And I know that because, the cost of it because, it knows where you stopped at a gas station and the price of gas at that gas station," said Jariyasunant.

The app keeps track of gas mileage for every trip and what you should have received according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

If your check engine light goes on, on the dashboard, it goes on in the app. It tells you what is wrong with the car and -- if it's a little job -- how you can fix it. It also shows you the locations of local mechanics.

"Now I've fixed the problem and I'm going to turn off the check engine light… I am going to turn it off and it is gone," said Jariyasunant.

If you happen to get into an accident, the app calls 911 and three family members. It tells them where the crash occurred.

The app was released on Tuesday but the link will ship in May. The cost of the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant is $69.95 and there is no monthly fee.

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