Crowds drawn to small door in tree at SF's Golden Gate Park


A curious little door in Golden Gate Park has imaginations running wild. The miniature door sits at the base of a tree in the concourse of the park, near the deYoung Museum and the California Academy of Sciences.

"My mom found a picture on Facebook and she thought it would be fun if we go and look for it," door hunter Fiona Mahoney said.

In fact, a lot of people have been looking for it and giving their best guess as to who, or what built it.

And if this gnome, elf, or fairy is who he says he is, he has some reading to do. Visitors have been placing notes inside, hoping they'll be read by the creature that lives in the hole.

"Yeah, maybe he just wanted some privacy, you know," park visitor Camile Ludwig said. "Or maybe he just wanted a home. Maybe we should build him a mail box or something."

Park Section Supervisor Andy Stone added, "We like children, we like elves, we like butterflies, we like everything that encourages people to have a good time so I think we'll probably just leave it."

So if you're looking for a something to do this Easter weekend the mystery of the door in the tree might be worth investigating.

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