Are cruise ships offering deals after recent mishaps?


Cruises have been growing in popularity for years and years so we wanted to know is that still true or have all the problems caused consumers to look elsewhere for their vacations... and if they have, does that mean there is a deal out there for you?

It is hard to forget the pictures of Carnival Triumph passengers sleeping in the hallways or the conditions passengers were forced to endure when part of the sewage system failed. Home video caught the horror and panic aboard the Costa Concordia when people had to evacuate the ship.

"People started loading into the lifeboats and there was just panic. People were push, it was just chaotic," said one Costa Concordia passenger.

"The industry has to be a little more sensitive to some concerns that travelers, especially new-to-cruise travelers, will have about booking a cruise vacation," said Carolyn Spencer Brown, the editor in chief of

Despite these cruise issues, Americans and Bay Area residents in particular, are not forgoing cruise vacations. And the cruise companies aren't offering any spectacular deals. Mimi Cassidy is the owner of Moraga Travel. She is baffled.

Finney: "Are there bargains out there because of this?"
Cassiday: "There's not, surprisingly. You would think they would come out with 'Give Carnival another go. Come and sail with us,' but we really haven't seen heavy discounts."

She says other cruise ship companies aren't offering discounts either.

"They haven't felt the need, the bookings are still there," said Cassiday.

Still, there could be discounts later.

"I think what we are going to see later down the road in terms of summer, fall and maybe the holiday season, you may see an impact there where prices will go down particularly low for times that normally get a high fair," said Spencer Brown.

Regardless, I wouldn't hold my breath. If the cruise season remains strong -- and it's looking like it might -- companies won't be looking to offer you any deep discounts.

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