Off-duty cop takes down attacker at airport, video goes viral


"It's an airport, they have security officers for that, so I turned back around and I heard what I thought was skin to skin contact, like someone getting punched," Rogers said.

Surveillance video shows a woman punching the TSA agent at the Honolulu International Airport. The woman also put the TSA agent into a headlock, and that's when Rogers literally jumped into action.

"I knew what I would have to do to pull her off of her because of the way they were situated, and I just decided to use a simple take down to move her to the ground," Rogers said.

Once the woman was on the ground several other agents came to help.

Wailana Haiola, 43, was arrested and taken to the mental unit at a local hospital.

After Rogers provided a statement to Honolulu authorities he was able to make his flight back home.

Since then, the video of his airport take down has gone viral. Rogers says he's surprised at the attention he's getting just for stepping in to help. Before returning to patrol Rodgers was at a wedding in Sacramento and that's when he started noticing the attention.

"At one point I was standing in a line waiting for food or cake and the people in front of me were talking about, have you seen this video on the Internet?" Rogers said.

Rogers says he was happy to help the TSA agent and happy that other people appreciate that.

"I don't really know what to say when people are being so nice especially since in this job you're kind of used to doing stuff and just going on about your day," Rogers said.

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