Fans in Michigan, Louisville get rowdy after hoops game

Louisville fans celebrate following their 82-76 victory in the 2013 NCAA Men's National Basketball Championship game Monday, April 8, 2013, in Louisville, Ky. (AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley)

April 9, 2013 12:31:39 PM PDT
Monday night's NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game resulted in fans from the participating universities getting out of hand.

Police in Louisville, Kentucky used tear gas to deal with unruly fans who took to the streets to celebrate their team's victory. At least a dozen arrests were made around campus, mostly for drunken and disorderly conduct.

Meanwhile, disappointed fans took to the streets of Ann Arbor, Michigan set a series of small fires, using furniture like box springs and couches as fuel. Two people were arrested.

The Louisville Cardinals defeated the Michigan Wolverines, 82-76.