Concord teacher accused of hitting student in class


This all started when a student took a video on his cellphone in class. A staff member told ABC7 News the video shows the teacher hitting a student with a foil roll of wrapping paper.

"She actually hit him. I thought more she would hit the chair or something, but she actually hit him on the shoulder," said a grandparent of a student, Fran Henojasa.

Parents outside of Oak Grove Middle School in Concord watched the video that was posted online of a teacher allegedly hitting a student in class before spring break.

"You don't touch a child. You don't touch anybody's child. I wouldn't want them to touch my child," said Henojasa.

We spoke to Oak Grove principal Lisa Murphy Oats.

Brinkley: "When did this video first come to your attention?"
Murphy Oats: "On Monday, April 8."
Brinkley: "And you saw it online or a student showed it to you?"
Murphy Oats: "A student brought it to me, to my attention."
Brinkley: "And your reaction to it?"
Murphy Oats: "We want to do everything we can to make sure that students here at Oak Grove are safe and that we are protected and that is our priority. So we're investigating the situation."

According to the superintendent of Mt. Diablo Unified, the teacher is now on administrative leave. Students were certainly talking about it.

"He was being bad and the teacher just hit him," said 6th grader Edgar Rios.

Parents say they were not informed of the incident.

"They should be more open to the public to see what's going on because this is a public school. And if there's something going on, we should know about it," said Francisco Rios, a parent. "It's a very suspicious thing. I don't know if they're hiding something."

A parent told ABC7 News off camera that they've heard this teacher has struck other students in the past. They said that some students are even afraid of this teacher. Again the investigation is ongoing. The teacher is on administrative leave.

Video of this incident came from

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