Kids honored in Sacramento for saving lives by calling 911

April 11, 2013 5:42:55 PM PDT
In Sacramento Thursday, a group of kids was honored for saving someone's life, all because they knew to call 911. On a lawn in front of the Capitol building the kids squirmed as their deeds were talked about.

An 8-year-old from San Ramon talked about when she called 911 because her mother was very ill.

"And then I called 911 and I spoke to Robert and he calmed down cause I knew he was gonna help me and help my mom cause I thought she was gonna die and I wanted her for the rest of my life then a week later she came home and I, like, almost knocked her over cause I loved her," Alexa Hilelewis said.

Another honoree was a 7-year-old boy from Oakland who called dispatchers after his mom suffered a seizure.