North Vallejo Little League canceled after parent shoots gun


The field where Major League All-Star pitcher, CC Sabathia played as a kid is empty. The sounds of baseball were silenced after a parent fired shots into the vehicle of a parent from the opposing team on Wednesday.

"Fired a weapon at a tee ball game. First of all, how do you bring a gun to a tee ball game and second, how do you fire it off?" asked Anthony Spears, a North Vallejo Little League father.

Now Spears says his son's season has been canceled indefinitely until the North Vallejo Little League can figure out how to ensure the safety of its players.

"I don't really know how many games were left, but I was really looking forward to playing more," said Andrew Spears, a North Vallejo Little League player.

"I don't want to cancel the whole season, but I'd rather lose a season than lose a kid," said Calvin Wells, the North Vallejo Little League vice president.

Wells says gunshots were fired near the field several times before Wednesday's incident and even in the days since.

Neighboring East Vallejo Little League says parental behavior issues are common there too. They blame it on a lack of parental involvement.

The feeling is that if more parents were involved, there would be fewer problems.

Police are still looking for the parent who fired the shots and now the fate of the North Vallejo Little League season rests on an emergency meeting this weekend and the number of parents who show up.

North Vallejo Little League Emergency Meeting
Saturday, April 20, 11 a.m.
Location: Thurman Field
425 Mini Dr.
Vallejo, CA.

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