Daly City students get composting, recycling lesson

April 22, 2013 5:02:47 PM PDT
Students at one Peninsula school got a different kind of Earth Day lesson on Monday, one they'll be using every day in and out of school.

Workers from Allied Waste were at Bayshore Elementary School in Daly City to teach kids how to compost and recycle their school lunch. It's all part of a new program to reduce lunchtime garbage going to the landfill by 50 percent.

For the kids, it was as easy as matching their waste with the pictures on the bins. "I took pictures of the food that they eat on a daily basis, what they would identify with, and then I made a poster of their food waste that would be recycling, what would be in the compost food waste bin and then what would be in garbage," explained Jeannene Minnix Kingston with Allied Waste Services.

Composting will save Bayshore Elementary over $2,000 a year in garbage collection costs. Similar programs will be rolled out at other Daly City schools in the coming months.