$424M in lotto jackpots up for grabs in California

SAN JOSE, Calif.

Powerball started in California exactly one month ago. So far, no one has won the jackpot. The combined prizes of more than $400 million have been creating a steady stream of ticket buyers at places across the Bay Area.

Lotto sales in San Jose are brisk. In East San Jose, Pedro Orozco already knows what he'll do with either the $154 million Mega winnings or the $270 million now in the Powerball bank. "I'm going to buy a new leg, a new leg, if I win the money," he told ABC News. Orozco lost his leg last year to disease.

Other people are making travel plans, like Ruben Alavez. "I would come back to Mexico. The very first thing," he said.

California has just joined the Powerball lottery which now has 43 states in it, which makes winning "astronomical" according to Gary Canellys. He says he bought his Powerball ticket because the prize is so high he couldn't resist.

"Well, the first thing I would do is I would share with family. My brother in-law has been out of work for a while, for my sister and her kids that can use a little help," he said.

While Canellys' plan is admirable, the first thing he would probably do if he won Powerball is dance. A Toronto woman who recently won $40 million in the Canadian lottery danced for about half an hour.

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