Woman found dead in Holiday Inn Express room in San Jose

SAN JOSE, Calif.

It was a hotel employee at the Holiday Inn Express in South San Jose who found the woman's dead body inside. The crime scene is in a ground floor room where officers are still investigating what happened.

SKY7 HD was overhead, showing the massive response by San Jose police units. Officials say they're not sure how the adult woman died. They are, however, using the term "foul play," and saying that the body showed signs of a violent struggle

Officials are not sure if the homicide occurred here, or whether the murder occurred elsewhere and the body left inside the room. The San Jose police spokesman said it appears the medical examiner will need to determine the cause of death. In the meantime, investigators are seeking the help of potential witnesses who may have heard a struggle or who might know what happened.

"We'll knock on doors, look for witnesses either here at the motel or nearby," San Jose police spokesperson Sgt. Jason Dwyer said. "We haven't found any witnesses who heard or saw the assault or the homicide take place, but that is part of the nvestigation. Hopefully we'll find somebody who knows something about this who's nearby here. But obviously there are people out there who know what happened."

This is the 15th homicide in San Jose this year.

Room doors at the motel open out onto a large parking lot, and people driving along busy Monterey Road also have a clear view of any disturbance or struggle if it occurred outside. Oak Hill Cemetery and a large mobile home park are located across the street. The Santa Clara County fairgrounds back up to the rear of the Holiday Inn Express.

Police are continuing their investigation and our coverage of this breaking news story continues as well.

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