Badly abused dog abandoned at Oakland Animal Shelter euthanized

VIDEO WARNING: Some people may find images associated with this story uncomfortable to view

The Oakland Animal Shelter takes in dozens of animals every day, but it was the condition in which the dog was left that has staffers outraged and officials turning to the public to help identify the man in the video.

"She is a beautiful German shepherd probably three or four years old in really, really horrible condition," Oakland Animal Control Director David Cronin said. "Her skin was rotting. This dog was rotting to death in a backyard."

The staffers named the dog "Marlo." Shelter officials say a chain and cord were wrapped around Marlo's neck and legs. They were left there so long, they had torn through her fur and flesh, causing multiple open wounds and subjecting her to massive infections.

"She had maggots in her wounds, she was in phenomenal pain, she had exposed bones that had protruded through her skin," Cronin said.

Veterinarians determined Marlo could not be saved and she was euthanized. During the necropsy, sticks and dirt were found in the dog's stomach, which officials say she was eating.

Although the quality of the video isn't perfect, Cronin believes someone can help.

"We know that she was in someone's backyard someplace, probably right here, not very far from the shelter and we know neighbors saw her," he said. "People saw that dog. A 40-year-old man, maybe of Asian descent, dark hair. The crate was new. The person bought that crate to put a dog in and bring it here."

Oakland officials are asking that anyone who may be able to assist with the investigation contact the Oakland Police Department at (510) 777-3333.

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