Three hurt during gun battle at Oakland sideshow


Sources at Oakland's Highland Hospital told us that the three victims were hit by a total of 18 shots. People who live on 106th Avenue and MacArthur told us they need help because these sideshows take over their neighborhood every single weekend. And with this latest shooting, they say they're afraid to come out of their homes.

"It was like pow, pow, and then boom, boom," Oakland resident Greyland Finister said.

He's talking about the gunshots he heard at about 2:30 a.m.

One unidentified 25-year-old woman from Walnut Creek and two men, one from Oakland the other from Hayward, were shot at 106th Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard early Saturday morning.

Oakland police technicians collected evidence during the day, mostly shell casings from a shooting that police say happened during a sideshow.

Tomas, a neighbor who lives nearby, says this one was frightening, "A bunch of shots, and screaming, a lot of noises and glass breaking and stuff, it gets violent," he said.

Neighbors say sideshows are a regular occurrence on weekends. Tire marks on the street are indicators of how many cars perform here. Steven Finney who lives nearby says this last show was different because of the woman he heard was shot.

"Shot in the head and there were people who she was with, I guess some people stayed to console her or whatever, and they were just real distraught saying, 'she's dead, she's dead,'" Finney said.

Witnesses said the three victims were just spectators standing on the corner of 106th Avenue when they were wounded. All were brought to Highland Hospital. The woman is in critical condition.

Some residents who did not want to be identified because they fear for themselves and their families say this area is out of control.

"This is not a new thing," Tomas said. "We had other killings there and other kids that died there on MacArthur for no reason, no reason."

Others like Finister know better than to leave the house during these events.

"Man, it's bad out here," he said. "I stay in the house. It's nothin' to play with."

We're told the woman is on life support and the two men are suffering from non-life threatening gunshot wounds.

Oakland police would not comment on this shooting on camera, but told us they do have a strategy to deal with these sideshows. They say they'll announce that strategy on Monday.

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