Teacher charged after flashing nude photo in class


San Leandro High School teacher Richard Styner is accused of child pornography after an embarrassing mistake in front of his class. It was one classroom lecture the kids will never forget and a lot of people are shocked. Styner has been teacher at the school for 16 years and by all accounts, he is respected and popular.

"Everybody was like whoa, no, this couldn't have happened. It just got dead silent like did this really just happen?" student Lilian McClean recalled. She was shocked last spring when Mr. Styner accidently showed a naked picture of himself to the class on a video screen. "He accidentally clicked the wrong picture and that popped up. And right after, he was so sad. He was so sincere, like 'I can't believe this. This could ruin my career,' and it did."

Styner told his bosses at San Leandro High School about the incident. They placed him on leave and notified police. Authorities later served a search warrant at Styner's home and say they found troubling images on his personal computer. "There are documents that's consistent with child pornography, descriptions of things, photos," said Lt. Randy Brandt at the San Leandro Police Department. Brandt said there were 200 images of child porn.

"Well, it's kind of scary, shocking," parent Desiree told ABC7 News. She and her son Angel Berman, a student at San Leandro High, can't believe the news. "I find it gross and appalling to see a teacher doing something like that."

McClean had planned to circulate a petition to save Mr. Styner's job. That was until more serious charges surfaced. "But I love him as a teacher. He seemed like a wonderful teacher. You never expected that from him," she said.

The school district is conducting its own investigation. Police are asking anyone with information in this case to get in touch with them. Styner has been charged, but not arrested. He is due to be arraigned next week.

Attempts to contact Styner by ABC7 News Monday were not successful.

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