Komen ending San Francisco 3-day cancer walk


In past years, the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk through the Bay Area has attracted thousands of people trying to put an end to breast cancer. But the number of walkers has dwindled, especially after last year's flap when the Komen founder tried to stop sending funds to Planned Parenthood.

Jackie Ferris took part in three Komen walks, raising more than $8,000. But last year she pulled out.

"I registered and then the news hit regarding Planned Parenthood and pulling funding by Komen to Planned Parenthood and I thought was very inappropriate," she said.

A Komen spokesperson admits the Planned Parenthood controversy was a factor, but also points to a sour economy and competition from other charities.

Beginning next year, the 3-day walks are being canceled not only in San Francisco, but Phoenix, Boston, Chicago Cleveland, Tampa Bay and Washington D.C. They will continue in seven other cities.

"My hope is that breast cancer doesn't lose because they're pulling out, but that people will fund organizations that support breast cancer research," Ferris said.

The decision by komen to end the 3-day walk will not affect its well-known Race for the Cure, which will continue.

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