Stuck boat concerns Richmond residents


The boat ran aground weeks ago, but it is in disrepair so police can't just move it. The boat has residents along the Vincent Park shoreline concerned. It's out of place and according to Richmond Police, it's owned by a convicted sex offender. The boat was brought by a strong current when its anchors broke.

"About two weeks ago the Coast Guard were here. They put a sticker up on the boat as well as the Richmond Police Department, they were here," said Richmond resident Barry Nel.

Police say sex offender Donald Olsen was living on his boat. They arrested him for failing to register his whereabouts. He's out of jail now, but his boat remains illegally moored, just feet from a busy pathway and a popular park for families.

"I would be a little twitchy with the amount of kids and everyone running around here. A registered sex offender needs to adhere to the laws and that's the way it is," said Nel.

"I come here a lot with her so I see that boat for almost a month I think, but I didn't see no one in there," said Richmond resident Milan Shah.

Police have authority over the boat right now, but they haven't been able to tow it because there's hole in it and it's taking on water. They've given Olsen until June 24th to claim his boat. If not, police will have it repaired and removed, so it can be destroyed.

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