United flight leaving from London to SFO runs low on TP


United is now apologizing for Flight 931, the non-stop flight from London to SFO. It was a long flight that took place Sunday. United crews had to tell passengers use something else in the restrooms instead.

"That's disgusting, that's just so terrible," said Gretchen Holland, a United passenger.

On board Holland's flight tonight, she'll be thinking about what United Airlines offered fellow passengers on a 10-hour-long flight from SFO to London. After some of the on board bathrooms ran out of toilet paper, the crew improvised with cocktail napkins. They also labeled the dispenser so passengers would know what to use them for.

"If I'm paying for a ticket that should include the price of toilet paper I would think," said Holland.

United issued a statement Thursday saying, "We apologize to our customers on this flight for the inconvenience and would like the opportunity to welcome them back."

United went on to say that stopping to stock their toilet paper supply would have delayed the flight.

"Is this a big deal? No," said Edward Hasbrouck, a travel advice author told us via Skype. "Which is more important, making your connecting flight or having to wipe with paper towels?"

For United Airlines passenger Kelly Ames the choice was simple. She said, "You want to get to where you are going and people have alternative plans and connections. They provided a solution."

The toilet paper debacle comes as united recently ranked last in an airline quality survey. The company claims its merger with Continental Airlines was a contributing factor.

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