Georgia school kicks 12-year-old girl off football team


Maddy Baxter was the starting defensive tackle for Strong Rock Christian School's sixth grade team. But her hopes to play on the school's seventh grade team have been dashed. She's been told she can't play because she's a girl.

"It's taking that fun I had for a year and then just snatching it out right in front of me," Maddy said.

Strong Rock Christian issued a statement, saying, "Middle school girls play girls' sports and middle school boys play boys' sports."

Maddy's mother, Cassy Blythe, tells ABC News that the CEO of the school said boys have lustful thoughts and might think of Maddy in an impure way.

"I think it's very archaic and he needs to get with the times," Blythe said.

Maddy and her parents have started a Facebook page, called "Let Her Play." It's already received over 35,000 likes.

"It was her dream to get a scholarship one day, be one of the first female football players in college," Blythe said. "She really had big dreams."

If the school doesn't change its stance, Maddy says she'll play in a recreational league next year and possibly transfer to a different school so she can play the game she loves so much.

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