Survivors, families hold memorial at SFO crash site


It was an emotional day at the Crowne Plaza as survivors and their families boarded four buses to see the wreckage for themselves.

A caravan of buses, escorted by police and airport officials with lights flashing, returned to the crash scene. The first group that visited the site included eight relatives of Wang Lin Jia and Ye Mengyuan -- the two 16-year-olds who were killed in the crash.

The two families on a large white bus stayed at the scene for more than 30 minutes before they were escorted back to the hotel by police. After they left, three large black buses full of survivors and their families arrived at the site.

SKY7 HD was over the scene as they stepped out of the buses, one by one, staying on the tarmac looking at the wreckage, still quite a distance away from the plane. It was their last chance to see what their loved ones went through as the plane crashed.

Crews begin removing plane wreckage at SFO

Late Wednesday night crews began removing the wreckage from the crash so that the NTSB can give back the use of the runway to SFO. The airport already began cleaning up debris, but it could be another week before repairs are done and the runway reopened.

The NTSB has been collecting from the beginning what it calls "perishable evidence" from the runway. Its investigators have also been documenting every last detail with pictures and video. For example, it is documented all 300 passenger seats were still in the plane. That does not include the flight attendant seats in the back of the plane that were ejected from the aircraft. They have taken pictures of all of the switched in the cockpit, down to the last detail.

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