San Francisco officials assuage GiftCenter & JewelryMart workers

July 16, 2013 6:32:48 PM PDT
San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr and several detectives met with workers and business owners at the GiftCenter & JewelryMart in an effort to reassure them following last Friday's double shooting in the building.

Police stickers mark bullet holes found across the street from the JewelryMart where police say a suspect named Barry White shot at officers.

Monday people who work at the GiftCenter & JewelryMart wore pink ribbons in memory of the two women killed. They were identified as 35-year-old Khin Min, of San Francisco, and 51-year-old Lina Lin of Daly City.

"Good people doing their job. We don't know yet what happened. What was the reason, the cause? But we all feel very bad and sad," said Avi Dayan of A&E Watches.

Suhr said the motive for the shooting does not appear to be robbery.

"Definitely seems like a one-off, someone said last week something like this hadn't happened in 25 years she'd been here. This is a very safe history, been a secure, safe place," he said.

Police say the 23-year-old White killed the women with a revolver and a folding knife. Police confronted him as he left the building, covered blood. White ran into a taqueria next door and shot at officers. He ran out of ammunition and surrendered. At first police searched for a second suspect, before deciding he had acted alone. An assault rifle was found in White's car.

Jasmine Boudaghian says she's worked alongside Lin for 20 years.

"It's just very heartbreaking. It's very heartbreaking, I mean, I can't think, I can't explain but, you know, it's tough, it's hard. I mean, for nothing, they went for nothing," she said.