San Francisco family marks anniversary of Kenneth Harding death


The family of 19-year-old Kenneth Harding claims police killed him over a $2.00 fare dispute.

The demonstrators blocked MUNI traffic at Church Street and Duboce Avenue, where they blocked the path of MUNI lines in the area, then moved to San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority.

Harding was shot and killed during a police chase after allegedly jumping a MUNI fare. Initially, it was thought that SFPD officers shot Harding but it was later determined the fatal gunshot didn't come from law enforcement. Harding was carrying a weapon that may have discharged and killed him.

Harding's mother spoke to ABC7 News.

"They're going to hear mothers cry. Not just my cry but different mothers throughout the state are coming up to allow their voices to be heard as well," said Harding's mother Denika Chatman. "So, we stand in solidarity with all the mothers who have lost their children to police brutality and police terror. We knew that today was coming, July 16, but we didn't know that the verdict would be out, but it is out. That energy is flowing freely. I love it."

After marching through downtown, the demonstrators came to Third and Oakdale in the Bayview -- scene of the shooting two years ago.

"That we as people of color can come together to unify, to bang on the system and crumble it and take back our communities," said one protester to a crowd gathered in the Bayview.

They vowed to use economic pressure again to get their point across.

The protest was peaceful and there hasn't been a confrontation with police.

ABC7 News reporter John Alston contributed to this report.

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