Double homicide at JewelryMart was over $300


Investigators revealed the motive for the deadly shooting inside the GiftCenter & JewelryMart complex on Brannan Street as suspect Barry White, 23, from Antioch, appeared in court Tuesday facing a number of charges.

The dispute started over a mere $300 and a piece of jewelry.

The district attorney's office says there were three cameras inside the shop and they add that everyone who has seen the video says it was one of the most vicious attacks they have ever seen.

Khin Win Min, 35, was an employee at Victoga, a store inside the JewelryMart complex. She was working that day when police say White walked inside the shop.

According to the district attorney's office, White had asked the owner of the store for a price adjustment on a piece of jewelry he had purchased several weeks before.

"I think it was an item that did not have as many grams of whatever the precious metal was that it was supposed to," said Assistant District Attorney Scot Clark. The difference in price was less than $300.

When they did not come to an agreement, investigators say White left and returned. He then waited until all the customers left the store. Video from inside the store shows him pulling out a gun and a knife.

"They're being shot. They're being stabbed. He comes out and there's another woman in front of the store and by the time the gun is empty, and he tries to shoot and the guns empty, he dumps the gun and then he proceeds to knife her," District Attorney George Gascon said.

Once outside, police confronted White. They say he fired at them. He eventually surrendered. "Clearly, this person's intent was to harm one of our officers," said SFPD Officer Albie Esparza.

The two female employees died and the owner of the store is still in the hospital. "The way that this individual went about killing these people was one of the most calculating, most brutal homicides that I have seen in my entire career," Gascon said.

Police later found an AK-47 and an extended clip inside White's car. They say it was clear he had bigger plans.

White has hired an attorney who is representing him in another case. He did not want to talk to ABC7 News. The judge in this case ruled that White will remain in jail without bail.

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