Salvation Army sends 110 San Francisco kids to camp

The Salvation Army held its 15th annual camp send-off event for 110 inner-city kids from San Francisco.

July 22, 2013 6:53:08 PM PDT
On Monday, more than 110 inner-city children from San Francisco are spending the night in the great outdoors. Summer camp has begun.

The Salvation Army held its 15th annual camp send-off event. For many children it's their first time attending camp. It's an exciting time for both the kids and their parents.

"I would image the parents are excited for a couple of reasons, right? But certainly for the reason that their kids get this great opportunity to be out in the open air, we have great facilities in Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz Mountains. The experience will really be the experience of a lifetime," said Salvation Army Maj. Rob Birks.

Donations help pay the majority of the camp's cost with parents paying just a $25 registration fee. It is quite a bargain for what could be a life-changing experience for a child.