3 arrested after gun theft and chase in Santa Clara


Police said the suspects burglarized the range on Duane Avenue at 3:30 a.m. The burglary set off a silent alarm that alerted police.

"They had to get through a heavy gated area and by the time they got into there, they were able to grab a little bit of merchandise and guns and stuff," said Reed's Indoor Range owner Jim Reed.

The burglars took two rifles and five handguns. Police arrived at the scene as the suspects were getting into their car and a short chase ensued. During the chase, the suspects tossed guns out of their vehicle, all which have been recovered by police. Two male suspects ran from the vehicle while a female suspect stayed in the car.

Marcus Moreno, his brother Jorel and Tina Marie Guzman all of San Jose, were arrested on suspicion of burglary, conspiracy, resisting arrest and possession of stolen merchandise, police spokesman Sgt. Derek Rush said.

Police and Reed credit the security system's alarms, gate and other features they want to keep secret, for the quick arrests.

"It is alarming, but I think it is a perfect example of all the safety mechanisms that are in place working to safeguard the community," said Rush.

"It can happen to anybody or any business at any time, but again because of our sophisticated system, they were apprehended and everything recovered. That is the most important thing," said Reed.

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