San Francisco parks to offer free Wi-Fi, thanks to Google

July 24, 2013 12:25:46 PM PDT
San Francisco parks and plazas are getting a high-tech upgrade with the help of Google. Wednesday morning it was just announced the city will offer free Wi-Fi at 31 of its parks. It is stemming from a generous gift from Google; they are giving the city $600,000 to make it possible.

City officials point out that San Francisco is behind on this front, saying that cities like New York and Paris already have Wi-Fi in their parks. They say this will make it easier for people to spend more time in San Francisco's parks and enjoy them.

"Only will it further open up our parks and our city to innovation to education and inclusivity for all San Francisco residents, but it is also as I mentioned before, a significant step towards bridging our digital divide in our city. It provides local community groups and residents access to the Internet that they might not have had before," said San Francisco Supervisor Mark Farrell.

He points out that some Park and Recreation offices still use dialup connections, so when you register your family with the department, for instance, you will definitely appreciate this new efficiency.

Installation will start in December and expect it should be complete by the spring.