ABC7 hosts community meeting in SF Chinatown


Thursday night's discussion was hosted by ABC7 News reporter Vic Lee and attended by the ABC7 management team. Among the topics discussed was how the Asian-American community needs to be celebrated and the importance of honoring unsung heroes in the community. ABC7 also heard about displacement and gentrification in urban areas, as well as immigration and poverty.

Norman Fong with the Chinatown Community Development Center talked about his organization "Youth for SRO's," or Single Room Occupancy, which will be honored by President Obama in September. "These high school youth have spent so much time to educate people living in SRO's, seniors on earthquake preparedness. We do it with the fire department. So, fire department called D.C. and said 'You've got to honor these kids,'" he said.

ABC7 would like to thank everyone who attended the meeting. If your group would like to team up with ABC7 to host the next meeting, please visit the Community page at

We look forward to sharing the stories we learned about Thursday night on ABC7 News.

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