Accused serial killer Naso gives closing arguments


"It's probably the dumbest thing, crimes are so serious he needs an attorney," Larry Roggasch said.

Roggasch, who believes his sister was murdered by Naso, was in the courtroom when the accused serial killer began his own closing arguments.

Naso starting by complimenting the jury saying, "You remind me of a wedding reception; something old, something borrowed and something blue."

At times the 79-year-old rambled and repeated himself, saying the case against him is weak. Naso is charged with the murder of four women decades ago, including 18-year-old Roxene Roggasch whose body was found in Fairfax in 1977.

DNA evidence linked Naso to the crime, but he says, "I may have had sex with her but I didn't kill her."

He then told the jury, "Evidence is like the weather it's always changing."

It will be up to the jury to decide if it's the musings of a misunderstood photographer or the scheming's of a deprived serial killer," legal analyst Steven Clark said.

Naso is trying to counter 70 witnesses and a so-called rape journal seized as evidence.

"The man's done for; he's trying to convince jury but he's pissing people off," Roggasch said.

Roggasch wants justice for his sister Roxene.

"He needs to go to prison and be treated like he treated the girls," Roggasch said.

Naso's closing arguments will continue on Monday.

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