Search for quadruple Oakland shooting suspect continues


Three stylists from the Bad Boyz Hair & Barber Salon were shot in front of their business along with another person who just happened to be on the sidewalk.

"They were just lying there in pools of blood, just doing my best to hold his wounds," Oakland business woman Nenna Joiner said.

The trouble began a little after 4:00 p.m. when somebody broke into a car on Telegraph Avenue and grabbed a purse. It belonged to a man's girlfriend who is a stylist in the salon.

"So I chased him down, up 18th Street and I caught him, got the purse back. Him and his friend or whatever, they ran away," he said.

Witnesses say at least one of them returned to the hair salon on a bike and with a gun. One man saw what happened while he was in a café across the street.

"You hear a pop, pop. I walk out. I see the gentleman shooting Marquis when he's on the ground and I go over and render first aid," he said.

"Before I could get back I hear a bunch of sirens and then when I hit the corner I see people laying on the ground and they were shot and I found out my girl was shot. I mean, all of this over a broken window and a few meaningless possessions. I mean, it's pointless," said the boyfriend of one of the victims.

Police are checking several surveillance cameras on Telegraph Avenue near 17th and 18th streets, hoping it will lead to the gunman.

Even though police say violent crime in this section of Oakland is relatively rare, some neighbors are not surprised.

"Well it's not shocking. I mean one of the things the community has really called for is more presence with the police," Joiner said.

Police say the victims are expected to survive.

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