California jury finds Naso guilty of murders


Back in June the I-Team uncovered evidence of a possible fifth victim -- Sara Dylan. Her name was brought up during the prosecution's case and now they're saying during sentencing they'll bring up possible evidence of a sixth victim -- a woman from a hotel that Naso managed in San Francisco.

It took the jury just 5.5 hours over two days to come back with the first degree murder guilty verdict for Joe Naso. He killed Pam Parsons in September 1993 and Tracy Tafoya in August 1994 -- both in Yuba County -- Roxene Roggasch in January 1977 near Fairfax and Carmen Colon in August 1978 in Port Costa.

The verdict came so quickly, the court gave just 15 minutes notice it would be read.

"The fact that they came back so quickly in my mind makes me think that they probably made up their minds after the close of the prosecution's case because I think the prosecution probably had a mountain of evidence," said Barry Kanel, an attorney and courtroom observer.

Larry Roggasch, Roxene's brother, was the only family member there. He had to take several minutes to compose himself, before speaking with me.

Roggasch: "It's sinking in. It's going to be awhile, it's not easy. I'm hoping it's going to feel better, but right now it don't."
Noyes: "It's not helping as much as you thought?"
Roggasch: "No, it won't help until that man is dad and gone. He's just a waste of life right now."

Naso showed no emotion as the verdicts were read and after, he asked the judge for a mistrial, complaining the jury didn't take the case seriously and that they followed the lead of the jury foreperson who's an attorney. Judge Andrew Sweet denied Naso's motion for a mistrial saying, "I think it's your invented paranoia of what happened in the jury room."

"He's guilty. He knows it. The only thing I would want him to do would give up the locations of the other victims out there, there's dozens of them, this man hasn't stop killing, there's a lot of families that hadn't got closure like I go," said Roggasch.

Naso's photos of his victims and his writings played a major role in the case. He had a list of 10 of what investigators called a "dump list" of where he put the bodies. So there may be many more victims out there. The sentencing hearing starts in two weeks.

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