Illinois girl born in parking lot takes after dad


Little Hannah Pavlik came into the world 10 days early on Sunday. Not only that, she didn't wait until her mother, Erica, reached the hospital to be born. Erica gave birth in a gas station parking lot.

"We got about 10 minutes away from the house and it hurt…and then my water broke. So, my mom's like 'We got to pull over' and she just kept telling me 'Don't push until the ambulance gets here. Don't push' and I thought 'I can't...not,'" said Erica Pavlik.

Erica's mom delivered the baby, just minutes before paramedics arrived. This situation was definitely déjà vu for the Pavlik family because 33 years ago, nearly to the day, Frank Pavlik, Hannah's dad, was also an impatient baby born on the side of the road and delivered by his father. It is quite a coincidence.

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