Mike Tyson: 'I want a sober life, I don't want to die'

During a chat with Todd Grisham on ESPN's "Friday Night Fights," Tyson talked about fighting his demons and reconnecting with his former trainer Teddy Atlas,

Pointing to his head, Tyson said, "I wanna hang out in this neighborhood alone and that's dangerous to hang out in this neighborhood alone right up here, it wants to kill everything, it wants to kill me too."

"I'm a bad guy sometimes and I did a lot of bad things and I want to be forgiven," Tyson said. "In order for me to be forgiven I hope they can forgive me. I want to live a different life now, I want to live my sober life, I don't want to die. I'm on the verge of dying cause I'm a vicious alcoholic."

Tyson then admitted, "I've been, wow, I've been um, god this is some interesting stuff. I've been, um, I haven't drank or took drugs in six days and for me that's a miracle. I've been lying to everybody else thinking I'm sober but I'm not. This is my sixth day, I'm never gonna use again."

Choking up at the end of the interview, Tyson finished talking as those in attendance applauded, with some rising to their feet.

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