Sneak-peek at new Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch


"This person had access to a prototype of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch. And if I would be able to rush down to Silicon Valley, I'd have the opportunity to play with it," said Farr.

The watch has a rectangular touch screen device you strap on your wrist. It lines up with sketches that have shown up in patent filings for a Samsung smartwatch. Farr says the one she tried on was fully working and it was big.

"Actually, I struggled to put it on because it's quite clunky. And it may be that it'll get streamlined and smaller for the actual final design," said Farr.

Though she wasn't allowed to take pictures of the watch, she did capture some images from what she described as a secret Samsung marketing video she was shown.

The videos show the watch running health related apps, tracking things like heart rate and blood pressure.

But Farr says the prototype also had apps for Facebook and Twitter and a lot of what people do now with their smartphones.

"You might want to use it just to make a call, or to take a photo. And it is quite mind-blowing to think that you will be able to do that from your wrist," said Farr.

Samsung may have to do some convincing to get the Galaxy Gear smartwatch onto people's wrists. In San Francisco, where just about everyone has a smartphone, a lot of people said they won't be strapping on a second smart device unless it's pretty spectacular.

"I think battery life is going to be key. It's annoying to have to, you know, take your watch off every six or seven hours and have to charge it for a few hours," said Farr.

Farr says the prototype lasts about 10 hours on a charge.

It all comes as Apple is rumored to be working on its own smartwatch.

Samsung may be trying to get the jump on them, and could officially unveil the Galaxy Gear at an event in Berlin on Sept. 4.

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