1 dead, 2 injured in San Mateo home invasion


San Mateo police say three armed suspects were attempting a home invasion robbery when they were confronted by at least four residents. One of the residents had a gun of his own and a gun battle erupted.

"Guns, multiple bullet holes and blood were found at the scene," said San Mateo Police Dept. Deputy Chief Mike Callagy.

A 24-year-old man who lives at the house was shot in the shoulder. He shot two of the three suspects who broke in. Police say the suspects took off in a dark SUV.

A neighbor saw it all:

"You see chaos, you see the girl screaming and you see, in the shadows, you can see people run across the street and then you see the guy dragging the body and the car takes off, another cars pulls up. They're yelling at that car to leave, to get out of here," said a neighbor.

The three suspects ended up at San Jose Regional Medical Center. One was dead on arrival and another was wounded. The third was not hurt and taken into custody. Police have not revealed a motive, but say the community is not in danger.

"We know that this was not a random act and that the suspects specifically targeted this house for reasons not entirely clear at this time," said Callagy.

Callagy said the suspects did steal stuff from the house, but he won't say what. He also said more arrests are coming. The suspects are facing charges including robbery and homicide.

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