New video sheds light on San Francisco cyclist's death


The video is just eight seconds long, but ABC7 News has elected not to show it all out of respect for the family. But it only takes a few seconds to understand why the video had such an impact on the case.

Amélie Le Moullac, 24, was headed to work at a San Francisco public relations firm the morning of August 14, when a food delivery truck hit her.

Newly obtained video of the accident has changed the direction of the investigation -- at first, officers concluded it was Le Moullac's fault.

"On the first police report, they blamed Amélie," attorney Micha Liberty said.

Early on, police said they couldn't find any surveillance video of the incident at Folsom and Sixth streets. But a member of the bicycle coalition tracked it down from a business across the street. It appears the truck had its blinker on, but Le Moullac was right next to the cab and couldn't see it. The family lawyer says the driver, 45-year-old Gilberto Alcantar, was driving too fast to safely make the turn.

"He also failed to get into the bike lane, which is the proper procedure when there's a bike lane and you're making a right turn," Linerty said.

After the I-Team's report Tuesday about the family filing a wrongful death lawsuit, the company that owns the truck, Daylight Foods of Milpitas, emailed a statement saying, "Daylight Foods deeply regrets that one of its trucks was involved in a fatal accident, and we extend our sincerest sympathies to Amelie Le Moullac's family and friends. Daylight Foods takes traffic safety very seriously, and we are deeply saddened by this tragedy. From the beginning, we have cooperated fully with the proper authorities and continue to do so."

The district attorney's office confirmed to the I-Team Thursday that they have received the case from the San Francisco Police Department and they are reviewing to decide what further investigation is needed.

Le Moullac's family is still reeling from their loss -- they scattered some of her ashes under the Golden Gate.

The I-Team spoke with Jessie Jewitt, Le Moullac's mother, on Tuesday.

"Did she know in the last minute she was going to die, did she experience pain, what was going through my daughter's mind," she said.

Sources tell the I-Team there is tension between the investigators on the case who are having a hard time concluding the truck driver was at fault and higher-ups who are feeling the pressure to file charges, from people like the bicycle coalition.

Following the I-Team's story featuring the video of Le Moullac being struck, family attorney Micha Liberty sent ABC7 News the following statement:

"The family of Amelie Le Moullac was shocked to see that the video of the incident in which Ms. Le Moullac was killed has been made public, and remains very concerned about the unauthorized release of this sensitive information. Attorney Micha Star Liberty said, "No family should have to suffer the tragic loss of a child, and then watch the horrifying video depicting the incident on the internet." "We are very interested in who has obtained copies of the video and from what source," added Ms. Liberty."

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