Crash cuts water to Terrell Elementary School in San Jose

SAN JOSE, calif.

Crews are working to get water back on at Terrell Elementary School on Pearl Avenue. It was long before students arrived when a dramatic crash ended on the lawn, wiping out the water supply.

The elementary school sounds like a construction site as crews work fast to fix a busted water main.

Around back, porta-potties are in place to accommodate students and teachers. No running water, means no working restrooms. The school is also providing bottled water.

"The great thing about elementary school kids is everything can be an adventure," said Traci Cook with the San Jose Unified School District. "So this will be a great adventure before the weekend."

The drama unfolded at 3 a.m. San Jose police say this mangled Lincoln town car collided with a truck hauling cars and crash landed on the school's water main.

Two of the three people in the car tried to run off, but police found them, dragging one man from the bushes on school property.

"There's suspicion of alcohol involved but we're not sure," Sgt. Jackie Lonero said.

Some parents dropping their kids at school Friday morning saw or heard the crash. But didn't know exactly what happened.

"I saw a lot of police and a fire truck and I just thought the worst, I thought somebody got murdered really, the way it looked," parent John Silveira said.

"We've had someone crash into our house as well because we live off of Pearl Avenue, I just assumed it was the same thing, there's drag racers here," parent Amy Allred said.

The school district foreman was on scene shortly after the crash. He estimated a five or six hour repair job. Parents say the kids can handle it.

"It's a great school so I'm sure they'll take care of our kids," Silveira said.

Allred adds, "They'll adjust, it'll be fine."

The school district spokesperson says water should be flowing again by noon. But this is just a quick fix. Crews will be back Saturday to do a more extensive repair.

As for that crash, all three in the Lincoln town car went to the hospital. One is the registered owner of the car.

No word yet from San Jose police as to what charges, if any, those three could face.

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